McArthur, Angela

Under air, over water - NTNU residency 2020
Work in progressVR world, Unity + spatial sound for headphones/ online audiences

NTNU residency - transdisciplinary aims
In these strange times, engagement with the natural environment has been highlighted as a precious part of our ability to survive, make sense of the world around and within us, and mediate our health at all levels of being. The importance of the natural environment’s place has been foregrounded, as has our impact on it. For institutions whose business is engagement with this environment, it may be an opportune moment to ask questions of critical reflexivity.

How do different research centres, departments or individuals at NTNU reinforce language use? How dimensional are their vocabularies? Do these practices change with context, audience, or over time? Are they static? How might we make ourselves more sensitive to the contours, textures and patterns in our language? How may we enrich the ways in which we use language, by widening the semantic net beyond our own disciplines?

Artist research week talk available at:

"Take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves."
the Duchess, Alice in Wonderland

Labourer Others - Signale Festival, Graz 2019 + IKO UK Tour 2019
Audiovisual spatial sound work (with video) for IKO loudspeaker array. The work aims to humanise, create empathy for, and give nuance to the lives of sex workers in New York. 

Surface Tension - Signale Festival, Graz 2019 + IKO UK Tour 2019
Audovisual installation for IKO loudspeaker array. The work dealt with the tension and ambiguity between our engagement with bodies of water as habitats of governance (simultaneously mediums of surveillance, territorial activity and ultimately war) and non-human species’ engagement with them as habitats.

Sundowning - Ars Electronica 2020 (online) + Klingt Gut 2017
Interactive binaural sound for short cinematic VR film. This film won an initial award, further funding, and was invited to Sheffield Docfest makers’ market 2017.

Rumpus - Ars Electronica 2019
Rumpus, a cinematic 360 film which was a collaboration between myself and Alia Sheikh of the R&D team at the BBC, was premiered at Ars Electronica 2019 in Linz, Austria. It employs 3rd order ambisonic sound (which means good spatial resolution sonically).

Transform Trauma  - the Village Underground, Shoreditch, London 2016
Audiovisual installation using surround sound. In collaboration with Barts Charity, to raise awareness about trauma being the biggest cause of death in people under 40 in London. Performances from Kojey Radical, Becky Hill, Beach Baby and Rukhsana Merrise

Novelstalgia  - Chatham Historic Dockyard, Kent, 2017
Audiovisual installation using surround sound and projection-mapping, with eye-tracked sonification of a graphic score. There was also a workshop allowing participants to create their own scores.

“(spatial) sound leads me...”
me (now)

Porcelain Heart

Line Densities

Angela is currently artist in residence within the ARTEC AiR program at NTNU, Norway, creating spatial sound works to reflect their discourses around ocean environments. In 2019 she was in residence at was the Institut für Elektronische Musik (IEM) in Graz in 2019, working with the IKO loudspeaker to make spatial sound installations representing ‘othered’ voices.

She is a practitioner, lecturer and PhD candidate, working  and non-human onto-epistemologies. She's worked with sound in studio, live and location environments from Sydney to New York, and founded Soundstack, an annual series of workshops, masterclasses and concerts about spatial sound aesthetics. She initiated the first tour of IKO works, including her own, around the UK in 2019.

Recent shows/ presented works include Ars Electronica (2020, 2019 in collaboration with the BBC), Signale festival, Austria (2019), Re:sound Aalborg (2019), Tate Modern Exchange (2018), BINCI Barcelona (2018), EVA London (2018), Liquidscapes UK (2018), Doing Women’s Film & Television History IV, UK (2018), Sheffield Docfest (2017), Klingt Gut (2017), Chatham Historic Dockyard, Kent (2017). Her sound design for ’Sundowning’ - a cinematic VR film employing real-time granular synthesis and third-order ambisonics, won an award based on its innovation.

She champions diversity in spatial sound practice, and theorises through her practice. She has spoken at many conferences, both academic and non-academic, and provided workshops for events like VRUK, and organisations like the V&A museum in London.  

M*@!ER US! 

Hunze, Kathrin

Cross PerceptionFulldome Video Installation
Artistic Research Project, 2020

The human perceptual apparatus looks for simple explanations for sensory impressions. Which explanation is used for given sensory impressions depends not only on the experiences but also on the expectations of the person. In an immersive video work we create an interplay between the machine and human perception. "Cross Perception" aims to raise the question of how experiences and expectations shape our perception and which perspectives dominate, blur or disappear in this interplay.

Ars Electronica 2020 in the Kepler's Gardens

Ars Electronica 2020 Katalog

Johannes Kepler Universität

Training Your Best Friend: Eine Wesensprüfung
2 Channel, 8:16 min, loop, Video installation, 2020

In the work "Training your best Friend: A character test " the co-evolutionary relationship between human and machine is examined. Whether there is a co-evolutionary process between human and machine, and how a co-evolution between human and machine behaves, is reflected on the basis of the historical background and future significance of the battle tank.
Concept & film: Kathrin Hunze
Kamera: Thomas Hack
Panzerteam: Jörn Klipp, Daniel Theiler

Gamemusic: Milton; Visual
Music: Hans Carste/Schuricke-Terzett - Schön ist die Welt (1938)
Sound design: Kathrin Hunze

Singularis Audiovisual Performance, 25 min, 2019

'SINGULARIS' deals with biological and information technology granular processes of postdigital lifeforms. Through ‘Quantified Self Management’ we evolve into improved, elevated persons - singularities. Singularis is a Granalysator in which collected biological matter is scanned into pointclouds and through an audiovisual granular system is transformed into synthetic bodies forming a complex network in a web of interactions.

EMAF INIT Experience 2020
Silent Green Berlin 2019
Westbund Art Center + FutureLab Shanghai 2019 at Centre Pompidou Shanghai, 2019
Udk Medienhaus Berlin, 2019
Akaoda Berlin, 2019
Soundstack Symposium London, 2019

EMAF INIT Experience 2020
EMAF Catalog 2020
FutureLab Shanghai

Kathrin Hunze is a Media Artist an Artistic Researcher. She studied Sound Design and Communication Design at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences,2016, is a graduate of the Art and Media degree program at the Berlin University of the Arts, 2019, and a distinguished graduate of the Art and Media program of the Berlin University of the Arts 2020. Resident at the Academy of Applied Arts Vienna, 2020 and the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM), 2019. Lecturer for Art and Media, Fashion Design and Computation & Design at the Berlin University of the Arts and for Computing and the Arts, at the Berlin School of Popular Arts. She lives and works in Berlin.